The wine is not too now increasingly attract sb.'s attention has become a new bright spot in the dec

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The wine is not too now increasingly attract sb.'s attention has become a new bright spot in the decoration of the rooms. In fact, in real life, many people buy wine rack and not to go with the wine, but as a piece of exquisite decorations, placed at home a. Keita bocoum aircraft, bookcase, always feel its unique charm.
There is affected by wine wine. Appeared a few years ago the ancient plain wooden wine frame because the price is too high and few people interested. At present, there is a American style iron wine frame one after another in some decoration stores appear, because of its special material, novel modeling, more intuitive force, favored by the more rich change of decoration style and lower price.
Iron wine rack is refining the coarse wire using bending with spends decorative, simple and lively, bottle or erect or leaning, or lying or bottle upside down in the wine racks, to pure cool texture of iron, and bottle arc lines of the integration, in contradiction reveals a harmonious. While the majority of iron wine racks tend to take a vague shape, the paradox, said, as it is not exactly the same, so that people can not think about, give a full picture of the space. If there is a wine rack, the wine bottle is placed in it, not just like a cannon, but also like a trolley, but it exactly like what, all with your own imagination, this may be the exquisite art of modern decoration - beautiful, exquisite, beautiful, but let you say that you can not tell". There is a combination of wood and iron wine rack, having an antique flavour and some modern texture, very unique. According to reports, this wine is most suitable for collocation with wine or fruit wine.

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