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From the Caucasus region 6000 years BC wine today, more favored by the people. In our side, there are already more and more families began to drink, taste, taste, and even collection of wine. Many people set the bar in his own home, family, friends and so on alone or shallow glass of wine. Wine is usually placed in the dining table, cabinet or table. If according to the environmental characteristics, with wine rack, you can give the wine considerably.
These wine racks are simply decorated and displayed, while others are good for preserving the wine. Wine experts believe that to save the wine should be tilted 15 degrees, let cork steeped in liquor, in this way, it can often protect the wine's unique flavor invariant.
Let the wine go back to the vine.
The vine wine rack looks very luxurious. The overall shape of a strain of realistic grape tree, roots and leaves of grape for machining cast iron profiles, senior paint imitate the old brass processing, delicate texture, very suitable for placed in the entrance hall, study, bars and even a hotel lobby in.
A smart car wine flavor
The body is hand wrought iron, cast iron wheel type small antique wine car lightweight and practical. The first layer can be placed three bottles for ready to use Wine, a bucket and a basket of flowers, the second layer can also put two bottles of wine. The rear edge is provided with glasses of wine holder for upside down. The bottom layer can be arbitrarily placed some small meals. The entire small wine car is clearly a small sports bar, placed in the home when the sofa is a few good.
Small wooden wine frame show ingenuity.
This wooden wine frame is made from two pieces of hardwood and two screws, and it is not easy to use the mechanics principle to see the three bottles of wine. The wine shelf has played a role, but also for the preservation of wine. When you don't, unscrew the screws.
Silver Spiral single bottle
This is also a somewhat creative design, can be placed in different heights of wine.
In addition, the neck and bottom of the wine is wine rack fixed to live, pour the wine, as long as spiral site with holding hands, leaning forward, wine liquid will flow down, no matter be placed wine or wine, are full of elegant feeling.
Silver double cup supports single bottle of wine
This wine is the use of mechanical principle, horizontal brace can also be a bottle of wine, or two cups of wine are placed upside down. A bottle with double cup together with other, very suitable for use in the Valentine's day night, and intimate partner drink chat.
Nine bottles of wine
This wine rack surface to imitate the old green copper paint processing, does not occupy a space, but very practical, concise lines sketched out a bunch of grapes, nine bottles of wine will have a base oneself upon them "small".

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