CEO Oration

Shenzhen Minghou Technology Co., Ltd. is a young and vibrant company, Bing Xun "virtuous" of the enterprise purpose, adhere to honest to the letter Liye. We will always adhere to the customers, employees, social performance of an enterprise should be the obligation.

We advocate "people-oriented, solid the industrial" corporate culture, we are dedicated to each employee to create a good office environment. Let each employee's talent flourish here, so that employees and the common development of enterprises, this is our biggest wish!

We have a strong and sober quality concept. Uphold professionalism, focus on core strengths, the pursuit of excellence, excellence, consistent. To quality products, high quality after-sales service to enhance product value and corporate image, this is our eternal pursuit!

We believe temple has been reported with the code of ethics. Dripping grace, yongquan. The success of the cause, the development of furniture industry, can not do without the support of each customer. "Started in customer requirements, and finally customer satisfaction" is the core of our business activities, as long as the customer gives us a service opportunity, we will be a practical action also customer satisfaction, this is our commitment to remain unchanged!

In twenty-first Century, opportunities and challenges coexist, and the glory and the dream coexist. Of our own future and future is full of confidence and strength, and expectations, carry forward the cause and forge ahead into the future, keep pace with the times, scaled new heights, efforts to build a star of China's domestic industry.

Want to become friends with you forever, let us work together to progress!

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